Established Track Record

  • Built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of aluminium alloy products in the markets that we serve over the last 20 years
  • Provide customers with quality products and services, competitive pricing and timely delivery through our stringent quality management system, strong relationships with suppliers and good inventory management strategies

Wide customer base in specialised industries

  • Well-diversified customer base with over 1,000 customers located in more than 15 countries increases the resilience of our operations and is an effective strategy in managing our business risks
  • Focused on sales to the niche markets of marine and precision engineering industries which provide better profit margins

Comprehensive range of readily available aluminium alloy products

  • Offer over 1,200 different aluminium alloy products such as plates, sheets, bars, rods, tubes and extruded products in a wide range of specifications and dimensions
  • Provide customisation services by employing a CNC underwater plasma cutting system and CNC high precision saws to cut aluminium alloy products according to the dimensional specifications required by customers

Strong relationships with major suppliers

  • Established business relationships of more than 10 years with major suppliers such as Alcoa, Alcan, Elval and Hulamin
  • Awarded distributorships by Alcoa, Alcan, Elval, Merrem, LB Aluminium and PT Sri Indah and appointed by Hulamin as an approved stockist

Experienced and competent management team

  • Our Directors, Tony Tan, YH Tan and Sam Tan, each has more than 20 years of experience with in-depth knowledge of the aluminium business
  • Our Directors are assisted by a team of Executive Officers covering different aspects of the business such as marketing, operations and finance