Extend our reach in Malaysia and establish a presence in Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE

  • Increase business development activities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE through trade exhibitions and other marketing activities
  • Established an office cum warehouse in Penang, Malaysia, in October 2007 to enhance responsiveness to the needs of customers in the northern part of West Malaysia
  • Commence operation in our Indonesia office in 2008 to focus on business development in the precision engineering industry
  • Explore feasibility of expanding into Vietnam and UAE in 2008

Increase our range of aluminium alloy products and expand our warehousing capacity

  • Increase range of aluminium alloy products to better meet the requirements of our customers, and keep abreast of trends and developments in the industries that we serve
  • Increase warehousing capacity by acquiring existing warehousing facilities or constructing new facilities

Broaden our customer base

  • Develop new overseas markets through participation in trade exhibitions, as well as print advertisements
  • Intensify our marketing activities to garner greater share in existing markets

Expand our supplier base

  • Secure new distributorships from other manufacturers for trademarked or patented, or new grades of quality aluminium alloy products for marine and precision engineering applications
  • Source for aluminium alloy products at the most competitive price to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and repeat business from these customers

Expand our business through acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • Allow us access to new markets and customers, as well as new businesses
  • Bring about greater economies of scale and provide an impetus for future growth